Monday, January 02, 2017

2016-2017 NFL Picks Wrap Up

Week 17 Record: 11-5
Overall Record: 164-88-2

Final Yahoo Rank: 96th Percentile (Top 4%)

Still not as good as my 99th Percentile finish in 2012, but pretty darned good, if you ask me.

Below you will find the results of my picks for each NFL Team.

Cleveland: 16-0

Perfection. But once they get to 0-7, it's kind of a sucker bet. I did have a feeling in Week 16, though.

San Francisco: 15-1

Only failed to predict their win in Week 16, but I don't know anyone who thought they'd win.

Jacksonville: 13-3
New York (NFC): 13-3

I knew Jacksonville would be bad, and I knew New York would be good.

New York (AFC): 12-4
New England: 12-4
Kansas City: 12-4
Oakland: 12-4
Chicago: 12-4

I had KC right through Week 10, but then lost my rhythm.

Pittsburgh: 11-5
Indianapolis: 11-5
Miami: 11-5
San Diego: 11-5
Detroit: 11-5
Tampa Bay: 11-5
Carolina: 11-5
New Orleans: 11-5
Los Angeles: 11-5

I am a Steelers fan, and had a hard time picking against them. Every single game, even the ones I knew they probably wouldn't win (New England, Dallas) I always had a reason to suspect that they'd come out on top. I knew they weren't going to go 16-0, yet every week, I was optimistic and picked them to win. This is probably the one team I shouldn't be trusted with because I will always hold out hope they can win.

Cincinnati: 10-5-1

Fucking ties.

Baltimore: 10-6
Houston: 10-6
Buffalo: 10-6
Green Bay: 10-6

We begin to delve into unremarkable territory. I don't consider picking 10 out of 16 results any great shakes.

Seattle: 9-6-1

Again, fucking ties.

Denver: 9-7
Dallas:  9-7

Not good. I kept hoping Denver would be better than what they were.

Washington: 8-7-1
Arizona: 8-7-1

The fucking ties!

Philadelphia: 7-9

I thought Philly would be awful this year, and they were. But not awful enough early enough.

Tennessee: 6-10
Minnesota: 6-10
Atlanta: 6-10

I couldn't guess these teams right to save my life. I guessed wrong on Atlanta eight weeks in a row to open the season. The only time I have ever done worse with a team was in 2001 when I went with the Lions to win for thirteen straight weeks, which was the year the Lions started 0-13. I finally gave up on them and picked them to lose against the Vikings. They won. I finally picked a Lions game correctly that year when I predicted they'd lose to the Steelers, which they did.

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