Thursday, November 21, 2013

NFL Picks Week 12

New Orleans @ Atlanta - § New Orleans
Pittsburgh @ Cleveland - Pittsburgh
Tampa Bay @ Detroit - Detroit
Minnesota @ Green Bay - Green Bay
San Diego @ Kansas City - # Kansas City
Chicago @ St. Louis - Chicago
Carolina @ Miami - Carolina
New York Jets @ Baltimore - New York Jets
Jacksonville @ Houston - Houston
Tennessee @ Oakland - Tennesse
Indianapolis @ Arizona - Indianapolis
Dallas @ New York Giants - † New York Giants
Denver @ New England - Denver
San Francisco @ Washington - San Francisco

# Smart Centipede's Iron Lock of the Week!
† Smart Centipede's Upset of the Week!
§ Smart Centipede's Survival Pick of the Week!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

NFL Picks Week 11

Indianapolis @ Tennessee - Indianapolis
New York Jets @ Buffalo - New York Jets
Baltimore @ Chicago - Chicago
Cleveland @ Cincinnati - § Cincinnati
Washington @ Philadelphia - Philadelphia
Detroit @ Pittsburgh - † Pittsburgh
Atlanta @ Tampa Bay - Atlanta
Arizona @ Jacksonville - Arizona
Oakland @ Houston - Houston
San Diego @ Miami - San Diego
San Francisco @ New Orleans - San Francisco
Green Bay @ New York Giants - Green Bay
Minnesota @ Seattle - # Seattle
Kansas City @ Denver - Denver
New England @ Carolina - Carolina

# Smart Centipede's Iron Lock of the Week!
† Smart Centipede's Upset Pick of the Week!
§ Smart Centipede's Survival Pick of the Week!

Friday, November 08, 2013

NFL Picks Week 10 Review

Washington @ Minnesota - Washington (Picked, but forgot to publish this pick before hand. At least you know I'm not lying, or I would have claimed I had Minnesota the whole way on this one.)

Seattle @ Atlanta - Seattle (CORRECT)
Detroit @ Chicago - Chicago (INCORRECT)
Philadelphia @ Green Bay - Green Bay (INCORRECT)
Jacksonville @ Tennessee - § Tennessee (INCORRECT)
St. Louis @ Indianapolis - Indianapolis (INCORRECT)
Oakland @ New York Giants - New York Giants (CORRECT)
Buffalo @ Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh (CORRECT)
Cincinnati @ Baltimore - Cincinnati (INCORRECT)
Carolina @ San Francisco - San Francisco (INCORRECT)
Houston @ Arizona - Houston (INCORRECT)
Denver @ San Diego - # Denver (CORRECT)
Dallas @ New Orleans - New Orleans (CORRECT)
Miami @ Tampa Bay - † Tampa Bay (CORRECT)

# Smart Centipede's Iron Lock of the Week! (Locked in!)
† Smart Centipede's Upset Pick of the Week! (Nailed it!)
§ Smart Centipede's Survival Pick of the Week! (Eliminated. Of the 50 random players that Yahoo stuck in my total group, I finished in the top eight. Seven of us were eliminated in week 10, with six of us falling for the Tennessee pick (and one guy lost picking Miami). The winner was a guy who went with the Giants. I'll continue to post survival picks as if I hadn't lost, just to see how many I can get right.)

A TERRIBLE week. I am now 87-60, which puts me in the top 33%, but that's not good enough. Let's see what we can do in Week 11. 

Friday, November 01, 2013

NFL Picks Week 9 Review

Cincinnati @ Miami - (I once again missed making a pick on this game. I would have picked this one incorrectly, however, and gone with Cincinnati. Between this and Denver's win over Baltimore in Week 1, I have now missed making picks in two games this season. My record, had I made the picks on time, would be 1-1 in these games.)

Kansaca City @ Buffalo - Kansas City (CORRECT)
Minnesota @ Dallas - § Dallas (CORRECT)
Tennessee @ St. Louis - Tennessee (CORRECT)
New Orleans @ New York Jets - New Orleans (INCORRECT)
San Diego @ Washington - † Washington (CORRECT)
Atlanta @ Carolina - Carolina (CORRECT)
Philadelphia @ Oakland - Philadelphia (CORRECT)
Tampa Bay @ Seattle - # Seattle (CORRECT)
Baltimore @ Cleveland - Baltimore (INCORRECT)
Pittsburgh @ New England - New England (CORRECT)
Indianapolis @ Houston - Indianapolis (CORRECT)
Chicago @ Green Bay - Green Bay (INCORRECT)

# Smart Centipede's Iron Lock of the Week! (Locked Up!)
† Smart Centipede's Upset Pick of the Week! (Nailed!)
§ Smart Centipede's Survival Pick of the Week! (Survived! WOW!)

Notes: I am now 1-1 in games that I missed picking on, having failed to promptly register my incorrect pick of Cincinnati over Miami.

Now that we're at the halfway point, let's take a look at my records, both overall, and specifically (UPDATED):

I am currently 80-52, with two no picks (in which I was 1-1, so let's call it 81-53). That puts me in the 68th percentile, or the top 32% of all Yahoo users. Not good enough! We will triumph in the second half!

In my Iron Locks of the Week, I am 8-1, with Sand Diego's Week 5 loss being my only incorrect pick.
In my Upset Picks of the Week, I am a lousy 3-6. Looks like picking upsets is not my strong suit. I'll strive to be more selective.
In my Survival Picks of the Week, I am now 9-0, and still alive! It becomes difficult as the season goes on, because you aren't allowed to pick the same team twice. Surprisingly, of my 9 picks, only three of them were picking teams that were playing Jacksonville, and none of them were Tampa Bay opponents, so I still have a few near guarantees in my pocket. This week is the first time I am a little nervous, because even though Minnesota is 1-6 with their one win coming against my poor Steelers when they couldn't do anything right, Dallas loves to disappoint in games they should win with their eyes closed. But I'll have faith and stick by my pick. (AND I WAS RIGHT!)