Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SHOCK-ing Development

Rick Mahorn is being scapegoated. Watch the damned video. He is in the midst of the recent Shock/Sparks WNBA brawl. He is in there to try and keep dirty thug/mother of one Lisa Leslie from slapping around some younger players. When she swings her arm, she pushes off of Mahorn, who's only crime is apparently being too big for the skinny bitch to move. And special kudos to The Shock's Plenette Pierson, who, in instigating the entire conflict with her little ripping away of the ball after the whistle, was given a much larger stage than she deserved. Her further display of classlessness in standing over a player she knocked to the ground led her to getting ripped to the floor by Candice Parker, and her further bitchiness and thuggery led directly to her teammate Cheryl Ford losing part of her season and maybe her career to a torn ACL. I hope you feel like shit, you nasty bitch, because now, because of your selfish showboating and ego, a decent player is hurt and you are not.

I got your back Rick.