Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh, sweet misery of winter... averted?

97 days until pitchers and catchers report.

But the Phillies wasted no time whatsoever in making an off-season splash, trading for Brad Lidge, who gives them a legitimate closer and allows them to move Mike Myers back to the rotation. They gave up one of their most talented outfield prospects in Michael Bourne, which may indicate they plan on keeping Aaron Rowand, despite frequent trade rumors. Bourne will be a good fit in Houston, which needs a shot of adrenalin to their outfield.

Thanks, Philly and Houston, for at least breaking up the "where will Pay-Rod be going" doldrums. Which, by the way, it pleases me to no ends to see the White Sox bow out of the running. He would be nothing but the cancer he already is to a clubhouse that needs none of that. In fact, it pleases me a great deal to see MANY teams bowing out of the Gay-Rod sweepstakes, because that means that whatever team will end up signing him may be able to leverage him down from his insane asking price.

I hope NO ONE signs him. Unlikely, I know, but that'd teach that greedy asshole not to opt out of the largest contract ever to (dis)grace professional sports. Fucking hump.