Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Source Of All Things Baseball

Quick Shout Out: I have been saved several times by the knowledge put forth by the knowledgeable gentlemen at Project Prospect. It is thanks to them that I have not finished dead last every year in my fantasy baseball league.

If you're in need of baseball knowledge, visit them at

My only problem: I pick these guys up too early, get frustrated waiting for them to become superstars, and drop them for other players.

The following are players I learned about from Project Prospect, had on my team, and then dropped or traded before they had a chance to become the stars they are now:

Troy Tulowitzki - SS
Chris Young - CF
Adam Jones - CF
Cameron Maybin - CF
Johnny Cueto - SP
Wilson Ramos - C
Jonathan Broxton - RP

And here are some of the ones I've held onto...

Edison Volquez - SP
Jose Tabata - CF
Daniel Hudson - SP
Ian Desmond - SS
Dayan Viciedo - 3B
Aroldis Chapman - RP

Let's hope they explode soon!